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MBT blended fuel?


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Will i reach MBT with the follow fuel blend? 
Will be used on a B18C 12 CR with toda spec C's camshafts. 

87% gasoline (RON 100) with 13% Methanol (RON 135) ?

Total Octane rating will be RON105.

Or should i add more methanol up o 30%?

What about toluene up to 30% with gasoline? 


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I will keep toluene out of the equation as is not good for the engine in the long run...

I have tune many B series engine and you will probably reach MBT with RON 100, as I have reach MBT with 97 RON many times in many high rev 10.000rpm B series engine. methanol is not 135RON, but is a good fuel. You will have good result with that blend, but you will have more power with more methanol cause it has more O.


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i think is something around 104... but to be honest doesnt matter as alcohol cool everything they usually performe like higher octane fuels in some occations... you will not be octane limited to tune that car, we have 97ron pump gas here and I have tune 250whp 2.0 B series without problems reaching MBT, as the B series ussually you dont have really high CR as other engines (cause is very difficult to get more without modifien the combustion chamber on the head). 12 or 12.5 is ussually what you get from those engine and with massive cams to make the power you shouldnt run into problems with knock, be aware cause you never know but with methanol you are gonna be fine.

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