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Injector sizing for moddelled fuel


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I have Bosch 2200cc injectors and I am setting up injectors for moddelled fuel.

Do I set up as 2200cc?. My previous system was not desined for injectors so large so I had to set as smaller and adjust deadtimes to suit. 


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Enter your base fuel pressure (actual running fuel rail pressure) and minimum effective pulse width in the Fuel Main screen.  Next,  Injector flow @ specified rated pressure( whatever is specified from manufacture) in the injector setup screen.
Example, I use 315 kpa base fuel pressure and min effective pulse width of 0.2048 (entered in the Fuel Main screen).
Then my injector flow is 1066cc/min @ 300kpa pressure (entered in the Injector setup screen)
My ID injectors include injector flow data at multiple pressures, so I tend to use the one closest to my base fuel pressure. 
Dead times and minimum effective pulse widths is great data to enter as well if you have it. 

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