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  1. Steve added a post in a topic Subaru 3000rpm rare target AFR   

    Pulsedamper in the fuelsystem? Or is it deleted?
    Also you can try to change the lenght of the vacuumtube to the fuelpressure regulator.
    Have not looked at the log yet. This is just based on experience of myself and others
  2. Steve added a post in a topic Vehicle speed issue   

    I dont really know but i would have tried to assign rr wheelspeed to the driven wheelspeed source also and see if that helps. If not im sure Adam will chime in soon enough...
  3. Steve added a post in a topic Fuel pressure sensor on 1:1 regulator - Correct way to setup Injector dead time table?   

    Your thinking in the end is correct.
    You set it to differential pressure  and you are good to go. 
  4. Steve added a post in a topic Vipec i88 - RB26 patch harness   

    I assume you are converting to MAP, so no you dont need to wire those up.
    HICAS has controlunit on its own..
  5. Steve added a post in a topic Check Engine Light without error code   

    Yes aux 7 is CEL.
    On the very left on the screen there are 4 vertical tabs. The top says ECU settings. Click that. Find "Auxiliary outputs" - Aux 7 and doubleclick that. Screen in picture apears. Doubbleclick on the top row "function      CE Light". A box appears. Scroll to the top and select "off". That Aux output is now off...
    Now as for the number 7 injector channel that is set to "test on" and that Adam suggests is for fuelpump i suggest you navigate to it the same way as above and select "fuelpump" in that box and see what that does.

    As for your logfile... The Aux 7/Cel IS reported as OFF in the log. So thats weird... Anyway try to turn it of and test with that "fuelpump" output and report back...
  6. Steve added a post in a topic Link G4+ plugin wiring & trigger   

    Just make sure the two missing theeth does NOT happen at the same time as the cam trigger signal. Other than that you are free to be quite creative on where it happens
  7. Steve added a post in a topic Check Engine Light without error code   

    Thats the 500 cams, right?
    No none of those things are an issue for your trip. Just little bits i noticed from looking through the file.
    Turn of that injectordriver and see if it helps somehow. If not you can always do a pclog and post and we can see if anything obvious is "off". (Be sure to log everything! You make it so in the logging setup screen...)
  8. Steve added a post in a topic Check Engine Light without error code   

    Is it lit when the engine is of or also when running?
    When key on only its supposed to be lit pr your settings.
    Also injector output 7 (AF7) is on with the "test" function. Suggest turning that off or to whatever it was intended for if anything.
    I see you are targeting 13.4 at idle. Any reason for that? What cams do you have?
    Your idle solenoid is set to 20hz I bet you can hear it rattle pretty hard when its working. Try setting it to around 100hz (on my own car its set to 67hz). in the link basefile i beleive its at 200hz but i found it to be unresponsive at that.
    You got a 4d fuel table activated that doesnt really make any sense. Also you got timing correction thats set to -1 degree all over on cylinder 1, 2 and 3. Intentional?
  9. Steve added a post in a topic Help with wiring/ pinouts... 2jzgte and thunder   

    Yes i had my suspicions when i saw that. Peak and hold injectors are becoming more rare to see each day so i found it a little bit... strange i suppose. Hence why i asked..
    Glad it worked out!
  10. Steve added a post in a topic RPM limit dont match request   

    Sensor in its self isnt nessesarily bad. Just that its mounted on the cam with a rubberbelt between it and whats its supposed to meassure the posittion of. Google timingscatter.
    I would do a pclog and check for timingerrors in it. Could try to put the trigger in the low resolution mode and see if it helps. But in the end you really need a crankfitted triggersystem to get rid of it for real.
    Also i notice your voltage is rather low on that log...
  11. Steve added a post in a topic RPM limit dont match request   

    I bet your RPM trace in your logs looks like the Himalayas, am i right?
    Edit. As for your fuelpressure.. Your sensorcalibration says you got a 689 bar (6890 kpa). Im pretty sure thats not correct.
    And likevise the oilpressure calibration says 1723.7 bar seosr (17237 kpa)
    Get those fixed and i bet it will help alot.
    Also i would use differential fuel pressure as the axis for that gplimit. Not that fuelpressure wont work but DFP makes alot more sense.
  12. Steve added a post in a topic Help with wiring/ pinouts... 2jzgte and thunder   

    How does the plugs look like now? Maybe do a compressiontest.
    You hit untuned areas in that run and went dangerously lean. Target is set to low 12`s but it hit mid 14`s AFR. Also i dont really know the engine but are 20+ degrees sane at 200kpa?
    Do you have a knocksensor (or preferably 2 on a 2j) hooked up? I suggest you you at least turn it on  and  do some best guess settings so the signal can be logged even if the settings are not tuned correctly.
    Probably asked before but why are you not having it tuned in modeled fuel equation mode? Not that the traditional is bad or anything but there are some advantages with the modeled. Like automatic correction based on differential fuelpressure as an example. Doesnt the tuner "like" it or something?
  13. Steve added a post in a topic Help with wiring/ pinouts... 2jzgte and thunder   

    See if wetransfer works for you. And just post the link
  14. Steve added a post in a topic Inj. dead times and fuel pressure   

    You use a 3d table because injector deadtimes vary not only with voltage but also with pressure. Now, without a fuelpressure sensor there would be no point in using the 3d table but i suggest you do get one and use it.
    You would be suprised to see how much the differential fuel pressure (the relation between fuelrail pressure and intake manifoldpressure (This is the base pressure you set the regulator at)) changes. You would think it stays at the set basepressure but thats not the case.
    So one upside with running one is the ecu can look up the correct deadtime based on both voltage AND differential fuel pressure (DFP).
    Another one is the ECU can compensate the injetor pulsewith based on DFP which meens the VE table is more correct. ALSO and more important the ecu can compensate should your fuelpressure drop for some reason and make sure you dont run lean (or rich in case of raised pressure)
    Third you can have the ECU trigger a limiter based on DFP. Like if a pump starts to go bad it can save your engine.
    Why would you do it in Excel? You got all the data right there in that file you posted. Just type it into the deadtime table. Takes 5 minutes.
  15. Steve added a post in a topic TP(Main) Fine-Tuning for 0.1% throttle   

    Dont think there is a way in pclink to do that and cant help you into the deeper parts of it.
    However if you CAN adjust the tps a little that would be the easiest thing by far. There is no problems assosiated to it.