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  1. Started working when I put pullup resistor ON on digital input 1 settings, it was OFF by default..How novice could know..
  2. Speedo works ok, dont know about wirings, car is almost stock 1998 -GT
  3. No.. Looking at runtime values or anywhere, no speed at all. In runtime values on "digital input pins" it shows "off" on LF Wheel speed, what does this mean?
  4. Yes, plug-in ECU. WRX-STI, ver 3-4 ecu. Speedo works fine, D1 set to LF Wheel speed, pullup resistor=off, on Speed sources both driven and non driven is LF Wheel speed. Should I wire extra wire from gearbox speed sensor to ecu like "cj" suggested?
  5. Car is 1998 Impreza GT, tell stupid what I have to put to settings that shows me wheel speed? Or is it even possibly with this car? Would need it for closed loop idle, and also for gear showing. Sorry my bad english, try to understand
  6. Has anyone got deadtime tables for Impreza original grey sidefeed injectors (380cc?) Car is 1998 GT. Or are these correct whats ready on Link G4+ Wrx/Sti v3-4 board? 6v=3.2 7v=2.5 8v=1.9 9v=1.5 10v=1.25 11v=1.077 12v=0.939 13v=0.836 14v=0.747 15v=0.6
  7. Thanks Adam for quick answer, that helps a lot
  8. Is 14 rows for x axis and 10 rows for y axis really the largest you can put? Or am I missing something here..if you put rpm 0, 750,1000, 1500,2000,2500 etc and want to continue that way to 7000 or 7500 youre out of space?
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