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  1. Hello, I want to covert to E-throttle but looking at the Ecu Documentation you need to run the E-Throttle to AUX9+ and Aux10-. Is there a way to activate these on the board? If not can I use Aux 6-8 to control the E-throttle? Currently looking at a Bosch 60mm ETB. The goal for this is to be able to enable/disable anti-lag and still have a drivable street car with normal idle. Any insight would be helpful! Thanks Bosch 60mm ETB: https://www.bosch-motorsport.com/content/downloads/Raceparts/Resources/pdf/Data sheet_68749835_Electronic_Throttle_Body.pdf
  2. I just bought a VR4Link G4 ECU. Can I have the info on how to hook up the knock sensor jumper wire it sounds like? I will hopefully be messing with it this week.
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