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  1. Inshan  Post you .pcl file, ill look at it and see what your tuner has done and show you the avcs looks like on a 2002 jdm sti I tunedon our dynapack dyno last week.  Dynotech Industries
  2. Got to your fuel table Right click the load axis Select axis setup Under Y axis select 'TPS main' Push init axis button Push Apply button Done
  3. Hi Ross do you have a good base/starter map for R33 G4 plugin RB25det
  4. What firmware are you running? Try upgrading to the latest, as it works fine for me 4.8.5  Send me your map flashtune@vodafone.co.nz and Ill take a quick look for you  Phil
  5. ptharris

    EVO 9 Air temp sensor

    Same as the Bosch mate. Â However I would highly recommend fitting a new Link item to the intercooler pipe just before the throttle body. The std 1 in the inlet manifold will suffer from heat soak!! I have tried and tested this on my own Evo 9. Â Phil
  6. ptharris

    RC Fuel Injectors

    7v=2.36 Â 9=1.320 Â 10v =1.17 Â 11v=0.95 Â 12v=0.8 Â Â 13v=0.67 Â Â 14v=0.56 Â Â 15v=0.46 Â Hope that helps
  7. I can confirm i have the same problem with latest Â Phil
  8. Have you carried out a MAP/BAP calibration?
  9. Just buy the link 3 port soleniod and wire to the active soleniod wiring (not the passive) Â Done this on my Evo 9, works perfect and I use close loop boost for accurate boost control
  10. Gear calc can be calibrated from speed DI input
  11. Thanks Ashley Yeah i noticed that table, it is labelled as table 8 and all values were half my target as you say Keep up the good work!! Phil
  12. And here is screen shot with firmware 4.8.0 Thanks Phil
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