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  1. Hi guys, I am wondering if I wire a G4+ into a vehicle to do datalogging only if you can record the fuel duration and spark timing. Right now I am trying to datalog a stock ECU to see how it commands the engine to run to be able to build some of that into a tune.
  2. would be in for a 12 injector ecu.
  3. that wont work until I can use DI11-16 for turbo RPM then
  4. Current setup is closed loop with engine RPM vs TPS. Its interpolating between two maps from an AEM position sensor. I have not yet tuned the boost control beyond wastegate pressure so im pretty open to suggestions but would like to keep the AEM position sensor for different boost levels. Ideally, it would be a user configurable trim table similar to the engine ECT trim where I can trim back boost control based on the frequency of the sensor.
  5. is there a way to configure it as a different configurable input on the di11-16 for the time being to get some reasonable output from the sensor? You can choose "frequency" right now... that would at least allow me to multiply it out on my own. Wiring it to a different digital input would only record up to 20k rpm turbo speed... not useful at all.
  6. I have a pedal unit from a 2008 Subaru STI I would sell... I bought a few pedals to see which one would work the best for my application and have it left over.
  7. I'm looking at the thunder base map with only 3 virtual aux for the time being I'm wondering if the turbo rpm is available yet on di11-16? im setup to run the speed sensor to 3,750hz with the 12 blade compressor to 150k rpm.
  8. I have a somewhat small turbo for my engine and I have put a turbo speed sensor on it. Its a 2.5L 1jz with an efr 7163 and the efr turbo sensor feeding into the thunder ecu. Is there a way to limit the boost table for turbo speed to prevent overspinning the turbo? I already have the boost control interpolating between two tables for my boost position switch.
  9. You should be able to unplug the idle valve and open the throttle body to get your idle in the rough area of your required idle target. With a cable throttle you would make that just below your target and let the air bleed bring idle up.
  10. Hi everyone... yet another question. Im building my base map now for a 1jz VVTi off of a few different base maps and maps from others.... what I haven't found yet is an idea of how to get the fuel table setup with VE based numbers. Im not looking to be spoon fed a full basemap unless that exists but is there any general idea for idle/low load regions to get started with VE numbers? Details: 1jz vvti Link G4+ thunder internally stock 1jz 3bar bosch temp/map aftermarket intake manifold with 80mm vdo DBW Stock injectors (limiting changes as much as I can to get running, not ideal) EFR7163 turbo upgrade on low boost because of injectors.
  11. just following up: I bought the 3bar version of the bosch TMap and I have a question about the calibration... I bought it from Ballenger Motorsports and they have the data sheet: https://www.bmotorsports.com/shop/product_info.php/products_id/1721 Can I use the MoTeC Calibration? http://www.motec.com/filedownload.php/?docid=5134 Does this temperature or pressure fit into any of the LINK defined calibrations? Im not entirely sure how to read the sensor data on the Ballenger website.
  12. I think I will have a spare input to run it this way.... but agree it would be cleaner to do it with a virtual aux. is that something that is in the works for a new release?
  13. Thanks Brad, those two may be a good option should the Cressida Stalk be impossible to find. I would like to try the Cressida stuff to keep it a bolt-in affair.
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