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  1. FYI- I was using real dash successfully until I got a new device with USB-C I tried a few usb-usb C adapters that claimed to have OTG compatibility with no success. I did some more research and found this 3 pack for $7 USD https://www.amazon.com/Weduda-Adapter-Charging-Converter-Samsung/dp/B075QH2YB7 So now, using my usb-micro usb OTG cable from before, and this micro to USB C, everything works again. Thought I would throw that out there in case anyone else was having USB C issues.
  2. Thanks! I would love to see an example to get me pointed in the right direction. I purchased it from a Link dealer in July 2016. Unfortunately I didn’t install it until this year. Does this mean that even though the physical connector Is on the board, it’s not functional?
  3. Two parts: First: WRX V3-4 PNP G4+ I am hoping to use two switches, manual and auto, to let the G4+ drive the water spray vs the external timer. I would like the manual button to spray via the G4+ for a designated time period (5 sec or so) and then shut off every time its pressed. I would like the auto button to enable the G4+ to control spray (based on manifold pressure or maybe IAT) while the switch is latched in the on position. What is the preferred way to set this up? I am guessing I'll need a Digital input for each switch and then an Aux output to trigger the sprayer relay? Se
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