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  1. Windows tablet power from USB?

    Keen to see what you do with this, been looking at these tablets myself
  2. Link CAN Lambda wideband sensor

    Thanks for the advice, just wanted to confirm this worked perfectly. My cable length was just under 1.5m Sorry to dig up and old thread
  3. Link CAN Lambda wideband sensor

    Thanks for the replies guys. I have went ahead and purchased the Link CAN Lambda wideband controller. I am planning to use this as a sole CAN module. Am i right in thinking i'll need to slice into the 2 CAN wires from the ECU to connect the device and then wire a resistor at the end of CAN-H and CAN-L? or can i simply wire CAN-H and CAN-L from the ECU into the CAN Lambda?
  4. Link CAN Lambda wideband sensor

    Hi, I've recently purchased a Link G4+ Atom and want to wire in a wideband sensor as an input. I've been looking at the CAN Lambda device you have recently released and was wondering how far the sensor needs to be placed from the turbo? I can't seem to find any information on your website about this. At the moment I've got a Innovate MTX-L which has started throwing a E8 overheating error so its likely I'll need to replace and perhaps move the sensor further back but i'd probably like to get something with a CAN output instead. (I had a new center section made up and the original 1" bung has been replaced with a 1/2" bung, sensor is in a similar location/angle) Thanks.