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  1. Patches

    Can Lambda Error 24

    Just a follow up, it was the sensor. Replaced and working perfectly now.
  2. Patches

    Can Lambda Error 24

    Great, I'll double check all my wiring and swap the new one in. Thanks.
  3. Patches

    Can Lambda Error 24

    New sensor has arrived, would just like if someone at Link can confirm if the issue looks like a faulty sensor due to my improper use or whether it's an issue with the CAN Lambda before I fit the new sensor. Error 24 - Internal Error - Contact Link Technical Support Thanks
  4. Patches

    Can Lambda Error 24

    Hi I have a Link Atom with the CAN Lambda module and have been getting error 24. When I first fitted this a year ago I used the A/C relay since the A/C was removed to power the CAN Lambda module, it was only in winter I realised this relay was turned off when the heaters came on. I had been driving the car a bit like this, well aware that I was risking the sensor dying when switching the heaters on and cutting the modules power. I recently fixed the wiring on the relay so the heaters no longer cut the power to the relay but I've found since then the lambda signal reads fully lean when driving. I replaced the module ground as it was looking quite strained as I thought this could have been the issue but I'm still getting the Error 24. I've got a new sensor on the way but just like to confirm this is the issue before fitting the new sensor. The attached log file shows a hot start, CAN Lambda reads fine then once I get moving it goes lean. Car drives fine and the fuel map below 3500rpm and 110kpa is tuned. Let me know if you need any more info from me. can-lambda-error-24.llg StarletEP91-basemap.pclr
  5. The signal and voltage wires were mixed up! Working perfectly now. Thanks for the help!
  6. Just an idea but do you have the correct Stoichiometric Ratio set in Fuel > Fuel Setup > Fuel Main?
  7. Hi Adam thanks for the reply. I used that exact picture to wire up the tps so I'm hoping it's correct. I'm not able to get near the car until the weekend but will double check the wiring and take notes of resistance
  8. It seems to be pretty solid in place, I will remove the throttle body to investigate. The factory sensor is an switch type sensor rather than variable. The auto glanza TPS is variable but has a different throttle body so isn't interchangeable.
  9. My car is a 98 Toyota Starlet Glanza V which I've wired a Link Atom 1 ECU using the Link loom A. While tuning I noticed the TPS range is only reading 3.31-4.55V. Its a Nissan Skyline GTR TPS which was brand new when fitted. I think due to the poor range its quite difficult to do small adjustments with the throttle and its making the accel enrichment harder to tune. I checked the GTR forums and they expect 0.45-4.45 as the correct range. I'm assuming the throttle would move roughly the same amount for both cars unless I'm mistaken. I have attached my map and a log file. Any tips would be appreciated. Log 2018-06-4 6;28;45 pm.llg a-starlet-6-4.pclr
  10. Watch this video, its the same connector, no tools required
  11. Hi Jon, I wouldn't recommend the innovate mtx-l, I had one myself and it just gave up one day. Seems to be a really common overheating fault, I found a lot of online posts about it. Also the first option is only a sensor, I'm 90% sure you will need a controller as well to connect to the ECU. I could be wrong here, someone from Link can correct me. I went with the Link CAN Lambda myself and its been great. It uses CAN so wont take up an input you could use for something else.
  12. Hi Ridgey, You can download the PC Link software here https://www.linkecu.com/software-support/pc-link-downloads/ There are basemaps included in the software if you click File > Open
  13. Keen to see what you do with this, been looking at these tablets myself
  14. Thanks for the advice, just wanted to confirm this worked perfectly. My cable length was just under 1.5m Sorry to dig up and old thread
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