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  1. Can I use expansion connector Ign5 to use direct coil?
  2. Hello I am using EVO3LINK I want to use 4 ignition coils. Can I change the IGN4 ECU hold power and use it for ignition? Thank you
  3. o_dd

    Tachometer key-on sweep

    Oh, that's a shame ...
  4. o_dd

    Tachometer key-on sweep

    Hello Does tachometer key-on sweep work with CAN connected dash display? I am using AEM CD-7 but it does not work Thank you
  5. o_dd

    AEM CD-7 digital display

    Dear Adam Thank you for your wonderful work The uploaded file was an old thing by mistake Currently all mistakes are being fixed The set file worked perfectly I am happy and I can not sleep today.
  6. o_dd

    AEM CD-7 digital display

    Was the file I uploaded wrong? Or was it impossible to broadcast an analog voltage?
  7. o_dd

    AEM CD-7 digital display

    Analog temperature 4 Fuel temperature Analog voltage 6 M / T temperature Analog voltage 9 Exhaust temperature Voltage display of analog voltage 7, 10 I will attach two files Thank you Subaru WRX V9 G4+ Xtreme Plugin.pclr Default-Black-LinkG4+.aemcd7
  8. o_dd

    AEM CD-7 digital display

    Do you upload my CD7 configuration file to the forum? Or do you capture the setting screen of CD 7 and upload it? If raw voltage of analog voltage 1 to 11 can be sent, it can convert with CD 7 and display the exhaust temperature In addition, I am glad if I could send the calibrated value to CD 7 Thank you
  9. Hello. I am using AEM CD-7 for WRXLINK I want to display exhaust temperature, fuel temperature and analog voltage on the CD-7 but I can not do it now I confirmed, but because it is not in "Transmit Generic Dash", can you add it? Thank you
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