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Gil Haugan

Arctic cat Power valves

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My power valves do not seam to operate.  I do not see any indication in the software that they are opening or closing.  I don't think they have ever operated with the vipec box.  I have checked the mechanical parts power valve system and they are ok.  Wiring would be the only other possibility.  I have a 2008 m1000 engine with the 800 vipec box.  I have not changed the stock 800 vipec settings for the power valves.  Everything else is working.  Any thoughts.  


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I dont have much info in my files and I believe the AC800 ecu was completely unique hardware designed specifically for that vehicle so a lot of my Vipec general knowledge doesnot cross over.  

However, I would start by looking at the runtimes screen (F12) Auxilary tab and you will see Power valve position on the right hand side.  I suspect this may only be commanded position rather than actual position but Im not 100% sure on that.  I do see in the schematics there is a powervalve position sensor connected to the ECU but I dont know if that can be viewed in the software or is just something that works in the background.

The power valve motor is connected to pins 29 & 30 on the B connector, so you can check across those pins for voltage - I would expect the multimeter to show +ve voltage when moving in one directon and -ve voltage when moving the opposite way.


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