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Multi fuel - E85 Leaning out

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Im having a intermitted problem i've been trying to trace. Where the car leans out at cruising speed or stalls out on decel, also during regular driving acceleration i will have a loss of throttle response as if TPS failed but log's show voltage is fine. i see closed loop adding fuel but hits a max clamp, I've even set it to the limit of 40% and still wants to stall from going lean. but if i do a aggressive pull to WOT everything is fine. As of now the problem exist only on E85 i have yet to check 91 fuel. and recently just started, tune has been running for 3-4 months solid and 5-6 very hot track days 

So i have checked mechanically 

Map sensor, battery, alternator, main engine relay, TPS, Can Lambda (no errors on run times), lift pump surge tank pump socks/screen,Injectors(visually Clean but have not put them on cleaner), supercharger bypass. all vacuum lines 

Fuel pressure checks out . fine as well 

In the log if you map engine speed with TPS you can see a input of 76% but nothing moves (Logs and Cal file attached)


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I would say your MAP sensor is dying.  When it starts to go lean the MAP is only reading 6KPa which is near impossible (it shows 0 in some areas) and at the end after it stalls the MAP is 74 when the BAP is 92.  MAP and BAP should read the same when engine is off.

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