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Changing injector settings so can drive to tuner

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Hey guys,

Car is a 1990 gtir with an sr20det.

The guy I bought the car from gave us a Link G3 plugin which has since been upgraded to G4 by Link in NZ and had the tune brought across. Pretty sure the guy I got the car from got the ECU from someone else, so it's a total mystery tune.

Our current sr20det has 263 cams, 800cc sard injectors and a 2871r turbo, all we are looking to do is get it running reasonably enough to get it down the road to the tuner.

At the moment it's coughing and spluttering, and smells very very strong like fuel. Can someone please point me in the right direction of what changes I need to make in PC link just to get it idling and driving down the rd?

Help would be very very much appreciated. Injectors are SARD 800cc, no idea what the tune was using before. Current tune attached.



These are the injectors is has now:

800cc TOP Low 2 Yellow green Oval 1.10msec 63566

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Most of your map looks ball park to me.  Have you checked base timing is close with a timing light?

Provided timing is close then my first suggestion would be "not enough fuel" contrary to your comments.  Your master fuel is set to 6ms currently, I would have expected somewhere more around 10ms for 800cc injectors, so I would try bumping that up to see if it improves or not. 

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