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Mitsubishi 380 tune

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Hi guys,  I have a Mitsubishi 380 with twin turbos etc all setup for me a few years ago by a tune shop that has now disappeared.

Am having a couple of niggling issues (that have always had)  hoping that someone can figure out what the problem is , or a "fine tune".


Problem #1  idle hunts around and dips low enough to trigger oil pressure warning...only when hot.

Problem #2...does not start as easily as it should...starts second time...or when warm no probs

Problem #3..at around 1500rpm and light throttle engine seems to either starve of fuel or ignition cut out

The original tuner drilled a hole in the throttle body...but I reckon that's crap and plugged it up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Attached is the tune file....luckily unlocked.


turbo tune as delivered g4.pcl

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Ok...the oil pressure sender they put on was 0.4 bar and the correct one was 0.3 bar...that problem fixed...Grrrrr!

In the configs the boost controller is set at 1500rpm...(dunno if that matters)

I played around with the fuel cells round idle and improved it a bit...but not perfect.


Attached is a log file of idle when put into drive...it just lopes round.

Attached also is a drive log with light throttle, 90kmh and an engine behavior that simulates a pressing/releasing of the throttle constantly.

The Innovate LC-1 wide band seems to be behaving weird...

Any advice appreciated.......


idle wavering-Log 15-05-20 1;47;21 pm-putting into drive-this one.llg engine loping at 90kmh-Log 15-05-20 1;45;24 pm-this one.llg

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There's some very weird stuff going on with ignition timing.  I think the idle problem is due to the 5D ign table that pulls 37degs advance out.  Im not sure what the purpose of that table is.  It is controlled by something that switches on and off on DI2 and something that reads from 0-100 on AN Volt 2, do you know what either of these inputs are wired to?  AN Volt 2 follows a similar curve to TP or MAP but it is not exactly the same as either.  Looking at this 5D table more, I think this might be a fix for his "drilled hole", maybe it was too big so he had to pull 20-50deg timing out to get it to idle?  Or was it for pops and bangs or something?

Idle ignition control looks like it has been set up at some stage but then disabled - all the lockouts are set to zero.

The motorway surging Im not sure on, it doesnt have as much advance as I would normally want to see in cruise conditions which is probably some of it, but the wideband is not working either so it could potentially be fuel related too. 

It really needs to go to a competent tuner so they can tidy up some of this stuff.


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Adam, one of the inputs I seem to recall is a cam sensor on the front bank camshaft.

Another is for an Innovate LC-1  wideband...which I have just discovered is connected at the back end of the catalyctic converter instead of the front engine end....sheesh....

The cam sensor I recall is same as on a WRX...it rubs on the plastic timing belt cover and looks poorly secured (changing its rotational position)

There is a boost controller connected also.

So many instances of bad work...

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No those inputs are not cam or wideband.  They appear to be some hack to control idle but I dont know what they are connected to.

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