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  1. Thank you Vaughan for solving my puzzle.
  2. Howard Coleman

    Math Block

    like many i am very excited about the possibilities of Math Block. i started out with a couple of simple items... Temp out of the turbo compressor before the intercooler minus Temp within my intake manifold. GP Temp 1 minus GP Temp 2 a-b Front Rotor EGT minus Rear Rotor EGT a-b i do get logged numbers but they aren't accurate for either. 282 F as per logged GP Temp 1, 113.7 F as per logged GP Temp 2 should generate 168.3. the Math Block says 93.5 F i have searched the Forum and re-read the Help Section. my formula is a-b a
  3. did the icewater and boiling water thing, noted AN V #s. re-calibrated to those and i feel i am in good shape w re to accuracy. thanks
  4. sorry to have detoured my issue with the .02 V non-issue. it appears to me i still have a problem. i currently use four K thermocouples. if i input the standard calibration (0 = 32 F, 5 = 2282 F) and just turn the key on and log the temp and the An V i get temp readings right at 100F and .17 V. the actual temp is 63F and the V should be less than half the .17. after discussing this w EGT Techology, with whom i have dealt for 20 years, they suggested i disconnect a couple of the amp outputs from the ECU and measure the voltage. the amp output was such that it was to the F degree
  5. i am getting a steady .02 V (see log) when not connected and this voltage appears to continue to be additionally a portion of the value read by the ECU when connected. this is evidenced by temp readings of 100 F when the ambient is 52. .02 V is 5 C. 5 C being 41 F which squares with the error. while 41 F might not sound like as much as to an EGT reading (although it is) it certainly is significant when reading IAT which is a very important metric. it appears to me if my G4X Extreme is functioning similar to other Extremes that people should know their Temp readings are hig
  6. i currently run two "air" K Thermocouples and two EGT K Thermocouples into my G4X Extreme. all four show between 103 F and 99 F yet the actual ambient temperature is 54.2. the An Voltage readings square with the (erroneous) temperature reading. around .15/.16 V. 4 mv = one degree C 160 mv/4 = 40 C = 104 F i disconnected one of the Deutsche connectors between my Thermocouple amp and the ECU and found the ECU was reading .02 of one volt. this equates to 5C or 41 F. close enough... why does the ECU read any input voltage when disconnected to the input
  7. it doesn't seem to be in the Parameters List
  8. the display is now working correctly after the reset.
  9. THANK YOU NEIL BROWN! problem solved! i depressed the enter key, turned the Ign key and was immediately greeted by all my pages.
  10. as mentioned initially, all i get is a blank screen so i am unable to get to the (any) display page. key on brings a red light on the right and two white. as soon as i touch any key the red light disappears and all three lights are white. pushing the right and left Nav keys does bring up one page that has 3 vert lines. nothing else is available on the screens.
  11. i believe i bought the DisplayLink at the end of 2012 with my V88. looking in my "G4 Link Engine Management DisplayLink" booklet with a date on the cover of 2011.... ECUs: Link G4, ViPEC CAN, Link G4 ViPEC RS232, Link G2/G3 etc. will it need an update? thank you
  12. thanks for the input on the weekend. i did check settings on my V88 and found my CAN configuration was "OFF." the display did work so i assume it was working, as Adam suggests, serially. (?) since i believe i actually did connect it properly w re to the G4X setup i am still hoping for help. with re to Neil's question, the software instructions under DisplayLink recommends the selection of "Transmit Generic Dash."
  13. my DisplayLink worked previously on my V88 but i don't seem to get communication with my G4x Extreme. settings all as set forth but all i get is three white lights and a few vertical lines on the display:
  14. ECU is on the way to you. looking at the log, i note that Batt V registered zero at 5:27.286 ECU Temp showed 28 C at that time. at 5:27.383 ECU temp changed to 150 C. perhaps a difference in the sensor speed? the other item is that all of the 5V sensors continued to generate proper data... so while the Batt V shows zero, the 5 V output continued normal. does this strengthen or weaken an interior ECU issue?
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