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  1. Was the intent of that "DO NOT JOIN" warning mostly so that someone doesn't combine too small of a gauge wire to all the power ground wires or was it more for noise immunity? Just intrigued.
  2. I have ran into a few cars in which the factory ECU controls the output of the alternator. I've fiddled around with a few tables to get some control but, would always fall short of what's really needed. I think i'm missing some sort of feedback. I would like to see a dedicated control strategy for alternator control.
  3. Will older G4+ ECU's be able to use the G4x software at some point?
  4. Leo Malcolm

    G4x Base map

    I was wondering the same thing in regards to the Modelled - Multi Fuel mode. As far as Traction Control is concerned, keep in mind it's the Monsoon file we're playing with...Traction Control won't be in there.
  5. I noticed when tuning accel enrichment in the G4+ it does not allow for asynchronous fueling (only synchronous) while in full Sequential mode. Why is this...if a combination of the two can be benifical for better throttle response in lower rpm and load ranges? I also noticed it's allowed in Grouped injection modes.
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