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  1. Season is over now... had no time to do further testing. Engine will be converted from Auditrigger to 60-2 this winter, so no more investigations necessary. Thanks again for fast support here.
  2. Yesterday I reversed the polarity on the crank sensor and aligned the trigger cal. The significant 10 deg jump to the right is gone now. When I rev up, I can see very very short (short like a flash) jumps of the mark to approx. 20 deg after TDC. Except that, the mark is rock stable without a shift. Only short blips to the right. I'm not sure if they are really present or if there is something wrong with the strobe signal. Will test this again with my old ECU. I can confirm, that the arming voltage has no influence to anything, I can change the values from 1 to 3 V without anny difference and w
  3. I'm wondering about the LINK help file. They say Arming Voltage should be half of the peak voltage. If I follow this, arming voltage would be 10V
  4. I can see the cambelt stretch on Trigger mark, when reving the engine up. The Trigger mark is shifting smooth a very small amount around the TDC mark. Very very small and smooth. But when you go over 3000rpm it is jumping to the yellow mark in one step. If you hold the RPM at the angular point, the mark is jumping forward and backward between those two points. No, I dont tried to switch polarity or edge. Will try soon. I heard of some 135th cars, running LINK without issues - I hope this will be possible for me too. Seems to be the same issue member "150" described in the top of this topic
  5. Was not able to take a video. Above 3000 UPM the white mark on the damper is jumping to the right (yellow) Changing aming voltage up and down or changing delay does not change anything.
  6. Yes - will do this... OT (oberer Totpunkt) = TDC UT (unterer Totpunkt) = BDC
  7. Thanks for fast reply. I will update software and firmware. (I'm running But I guess, thats not the reason for my trigger issue. I will also take a video of the behaviour.
  8. After a long break, I got back to my LINK Thunder. The car was firing up with the first keyturn and has stable idle. After warming up, I was calibrating the trigger with a timing light. The OT trigger Offset is -70 deg. Reference timing was set to 0 deg. Timing is stable until 3000 rpm. Above that, trigger starts to jump significant degrees after OT. Trigger 1 Type Reluctor Trigger 1 Filtering Level 1 (LOW) Trigger 1 Aiming Threshold 0 - 0.5 1000- 1 2000- 1.5 3000- 1.5 4000- 0.5 5000- 0.2 6000- 0.2 Trigger 2 Type Optical/Hall Trigger 2 Filtering Level 4 (High) Trigger 2 Pullup ON Trigger 2 Edg
  9. So finally my good old 5 cylinder 20VT is running with my new Link Thunder. OT Trigger is indeed around -70. Maybe ist because of a shift between hall window on cam sprocket and the flywheel pin. After doing lots of study and workbench pre-mapping the Link ECU, the engine started up with the first keyturn after 3 seconds. For now, I am happy with the first 20min of engine runtime :-)
  10. I use Retard Absolute. If I type in a value it will allways be -1 lower. -45 results in -44, -20 results in -19 and so on. I also tested percentage. If I type in 12 it will be 12, if I type in 11 it will be also 12. So I think this is not an issue like you said. But the other two modes have the known "allways -1 issue"
  11. I tested the newest LINK Software (3012) I wrote results into my postings above. Issues still present -> max 500 kPa in Lambda, Engine Protection and IC Spray. New issue in ALS Ignition Table. Now you type -45 and get -44. This was not an issue before software update. best regards
  12. Ok I see the link to the bottom of the page is no longer present and there is a third new version of the V5.5.7.3012 Software on the top (first was 42,2, second 57,2 and now 58,3 MB) So I will install the new version on the top of the download page now.
  13. opps... nasty Still no 3012 Firmware Updater shows V5.5.7 Firmware
  14. But the problems are still present in this version...
  15. Hi Scott, perfect - thanks
  16. Which version is that? I like this color gradiend much more then the new blury one...
  17. T4700

    Software update error

    But before deleting dont forget to backup your calibration files if they are stored in this folder...
  18. I dont think you need two ignition maps... you only need two ignition maps if you want to set up the VVT independant from the ignition table. For example, if you have two ignition maps, you can play with the VVT switch points an dont have to touch the ignition maps again. If you use a two point VVT with fixed two point RPMs you can just use one ignition map. But if you change the VVT triming you have to adjust the ignition map again. OEM Motronic is the most complex system I have ever seen - you are right... Nope, there is a significant gain in torque between 1600 and 5300 by camshaft switc
  19. Full description of the Audi two point camshaft adjustment system can be found in SSP 182... the cam chain tensioner is an electric-hydraulic combination of two functions. Idle = adjustment off between 1600 and 5300 rpm - adjustment on over 5300 rpm - adjustment off regulation can be seen in measurement blocks and inside ECU code. there are also two different ignition maps for each camshaft position and influences to torque control system.
  20. I found the 500kPa issue also in IC-Spray Function (should be allow 700) NOT FIXED IN 3012 - STILL PRESENT
  21. If I got it right, the only way to control water methanol by LINK ECU (without external controller) is to use the IC Spray function. But the IC Spray funktion can only be set to a duty cycle of 95%. Would be nice it could be set to 100%
  22. right, it will not show correct when you use a different map sensor... the gauge is only a DVM, calibrated with resistors to show the right pressure for a 250KpA. Maybe it can be re-calibrated If getting deep into the circuit and its resistors... but I never cared about that...
  23. Yes, I know... thats what I mean with "does not care" ;-)
  24. Yes, thats right... also the old AAN has hall sensor at the distributor dummy... maybe thats the reason for the offset because Link does not care about the OT pin on flywheel... on Motronic, the distributor hall window can not be shiftet that way because it has to match the OT pin... ...to much motronic in my mind in a few weeks we will see what happens when my thunder is going into my first quattro...
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