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  1. It's for a evo but need to know if it's a g4 or a g4+?
  2. Hi guys need to identify this ecu please help
  3. Hi I am in a process of wiring in a extreme x to a evo 5 with e throttle need pinouts for it help will be appreciated
  4. would also like to know an volt 1 location thanks
  5. hi trying to config a evo 9 plug in but cant seem to find di8 also two aux3s and to ign4 present on help file pinouts
  6. razzmtazz

    Evo 3 plug in

    That's the thing can't seem to fing the dedicated channel on the pinouts
  7. razzmtazz

    Evo 3 plug in

    Hi I have evo3 plug in board and want to setup knock control but can't seem to find any knock channel Can I set up any input as a knock channel?
  8. Hi guys need help setting up flat shifting on link extreme dog box evo first time doing it also what kind,make of strain gauge you guys prefer and how to set it up Thanks in advance
  9. Hi We r setting up a evo with sequential dosbox with paddle shifting and co2 first time doing it so need to know what we requir to set it up already have the shifter with co2 solenoids connected heard we also need a barrel swith have no idea what it is and where to install also is a Ethrottle preferred to a cable throttle?
  10. Hi I am in a process of wiring a strom black wire inn to a 2jzgte vvt have two problems at the moment one there is no start up calibration in the base maps for the 2jz vvt an other is there seems to be no idle control valve how to control idle? Thanks
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