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  1. Haha yep - leftovers from the Russian space program it appears As I'm digging through this a bit more - Is there a reason that in the Link pinout for v 7-9 cars that the ground and the +14v main power relay are run through E-4 and E-5? these are RH TGV pins.
  2. good to know Adam - thanks. That rules out another possible issue. getting some new probes for this and I'll be in business!
  3. Thanks Scott. I'm stillconcerned about the jumper config, however. When the key is set to on, the tach does a full sweep, as it does on The STi - this is not a feature on the USDM wrx, and concerns me that this is part of the rpm issue. I changed the jumpers to the 'wrx' position, and the ecu won't connect. Switch the jumpers back and it connects flawlessly. Confused! I will play with arming until the scope shows. Up. Appreciate the help!
  4. i'm still working on acquiring a scope. In the meantime, here is a log of the vehicle cranking. VERY erratic RPM signal. That got me digging around and I found this (attached) from the Link manual. The jumpers on the board do not look correct, or am I not corresponding them right to the diagram? thank you! Log 4-10-16 9;41;11 pmcrank.llg
  5. Hello all- I bought secondhand a Link Subaru PNP consisting of a G4 Storm top board. This was sold as PNP for the USDM EJ205 Subaru, but none of the trigger setup schemes match this engine. There are many Subaru schemes, including 6 cyl, v. 1-6, v. 7-9, and USDM EJ25 AVCS, but nothing specific for the USDM Ej205 I'm curious if any of you are running this app, and if so did you use a custom setup for triggering? Currently, the crank sync is producing errors, as well as a very inconsistent rpm signal, consisting of low reading and huge spikes. thanks in advance for the help!
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