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  1. will try throttle stop first as it a 4wd truck and mostly 4wd will be its use
  2. thanks just learnt that today from a freind about the enter, yeah pretty sure its the icav as its a 6 pin stepper which the link atom cant control
  3. hey guys have a 2jzge with a dizzy running link atom have been trying to get it running as semi sequential and using wasted spark, trig 1 is 24 tooth reluctor and trig 2 seems like camx1 pulse, get a decent amount of rpm 200ish cranking and get sginals with timing light on #1, tried timing calabration offset doesnt change timing, it will start if i enable fuel but will rev quite high, any susgestions on where to start to look?
  4. http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/201608772548 is the style of coils im talking about have been used heaps for rb wasted spark setups
  5. v6 3.8 vn commadore ones, yea was wonderding if i could run 1 ign channel through 2 as there gna join on the otherside anyways? any factory igniter soultion only 3 channel ive found is like 200$
  6. must be gets way to hot for my liking, my mate who owns the truck is pretty keen to convert to wasted spark as dizzy parts are expensive and rare here.. could i use a rb igniter with vn coils or best 2 get a properly 3 channel igniter
  7. im gonna say no Igntion 1 >Black box> coil > dizzy is how i first seen seen, got rid of the box seemed dangerous was gettin hot, 2jzge distributor parts dont seem to easy to find here, been thinking about goin 2 wasted spark.
  8. is cal file tune file? will post that when i get home, that dude who wired it up had a werid setup and coil and this black box got real hot but had good spark... didnt seem very safe, do i need single channel ignitor to coil then to dizzy? is there a way 2 test trig outputs without a oliscope cheers david
  9. Been trying to get my friends 2jzge hilux going has a link atom ive wired trig 1 to NE Trig 2 to G1 and both grounds to G- is this correct?, has spark to distributor cap but nothing to plugs first time use of a link ecu all other sensors are working as awell as injectors dizzy wiring.docx
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