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  1. nilsp

    Log ewp actual flow

    Ok, yes thats what Im doing as well. but needed to ask Thanks for clarification!
  2. nilsp

    Log ewp actual flow

    Hi, I have an ewp setup which is controlled by pwm, aux 4. I havnet set this up and dont understand all how this control method works. Anyway it works fine, just trying to adjust my 3d table to control it properly vs ECT. What I wonder is if there is any way I can find the actual numbers which controls it in any of the logging done?
  3. No.. and not really very good with this kind of electronics, but might have to look more into.. read you can test coils and find data that way.. thanks! Ok.. yes maybe it actually wants a little more dwell. thinking of it, will try to compare actual voltage now and back in engine dyno.. could be a slight difference impacting the dwell table. Thanks for help.. as usual
  4. Adam, sorry forgot to mention.. Its running sequential now with new coil. Was out driving and testing small stuff etc and it felt like the engine hesitated trying to rev into 5000 + area. Looked for all kind of limits or errors,but couldnt find any. No trigger errors, but thought I'd check them with the triggerscope, and doing a little high rev triggerscope was when a plug suddenly failed, could see due to individual egt sensors. So just trying to look into any obvious things that could be wrong due to this coil swap!
  5. Have just swapped from stock rotor and a coil to coil pack and is a little concerned the settings might get wrong. Engine run in dyno with new coil for a few hours and worked fine, but when installed in car I started getting misfires and in end one plug failed. Might be just a failed plug, but thinking some settings might be wrong to. Coil is a type that came from vw 2 liter engines. Bought one online; ngk u2011 its called. Found some info they need low dwell times, so set down from 3 ms to 2 ms, and used that in dyno and no misfires were noticed. Anyone got a table for these kind of coils? Cant find any detailed spec for them either. Bosch has number 098622049 for these and a code; zsk4x1 which seems to be kind of a code for several types of coil packs.
  6. Hi! wondered if there is any possibilities for buying a splittter for the out plug to pc? (Datacable) reason is wanting to have one out datacable connected to incar minipc/multimedia player screen , and possibility to connect another datacable to regular pc for more tuning.
  7. Aem x-series.. gauge, has both analog and can output, works perfect. had an older aem for 12 years before new now..
  8. nilsp

    Knock retard setup

    ok, I understand Reason for asking is because when I noticed ect ign trim this summer, it was easy to spot on the ign angle vs ign table. I have updated to latest firmware also, but cant remember if that just after this logged run.. will check. Thanks!
  9. nilsp

    Knock retard setup

    Thanks again for reply. But if you looked at the log, shouldnt the actual ign go down when knk trim is applied? -also the knk trim is just quick spikes on 0,1 sec a couple of times. The advance delay is set to 0,5sec. This made me unsure if it actually is working the way I set it up?
  10. Normally with ITB`s, TPS is best suited, as the vacuum isnt very stabile with ITB`s. Doing this myself to bmw 4 cyl engine with ITB, and have understood this is the way to go.
  11. nilsp

    Knock retard setup

    A picture of my current setup..
  12. nilsp

    Knock retard setup

    Hi Adam, Thanks as usual for detailed answer. You are right, this is with distributor cap and all cyl allocated to knk trim 1. Does this mean my ignition actually is retarded in this log? -even thought the ign angle and ign table is the same where the knk trim seems to retard ign? These engines have tendencies to make lot of noise, and seems to knock quite easily. But yes, many say it shouldnt be a problem. Therefore I hope Im on the safe side, and hoping to push it a little back having the knock system helping me. 2.66 liter, 11,7 compression, 98 shell v-power. Attached another log, at this point I could, for first time hear audible pinging. This is at a very bad tune for the engine, biiiiiig torque dip before coming alive. bank!.llg
  13. nilsp

    Knock retard setup

    Hi, Trying to make my knock retard system work. Have worked on a threshold setup etc, its a very noisy engine, so finding it quite difficult, but feel I`m close to something now, so I turned the knock control on and set ign retard limit to 3. When testing a little during driving, the knock counter count, and the cyk I knk trim applied retard, but the actual ign and ign table is the same. I had a dyno run this summer where I noticed this working, but that was the ect ign trim table working. But have to say I`m a little unsure about the settings on this, any obvious errors in setup? Bosch donut sensor on block, not stock knk sensors on these engines. 4 cyl NA engine, bmw s14 Attached a log while doing a pull on road. pull.llg
  14. nilsp

    Rev limiter

    Hpacademy has a nice webinar on setting up rpm limit on g4+
  15. Adam; sorry about that, ofcourse no ios Funny how the simplest details can be overlooked! only tried with my ipad. would love to have an small well functioning (all functions) tablet, so this wouldnt do that job anyway!
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