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  1. Thank you very much. Also I have this issue that my AFR keeps changing all the time and it seems like the ecu doesn´t tune itself at all. I have understood that traditional ECUs tune the fuel map all the time within 20%? If I make a tune that says 14.7 AFR on idle and for example at 50kmh, the afr might be different the next time I drive the car. Is the ecu missing some information or is my setup incorrect? Ps. The wideband is connected and ecu is able to use the wideband for quick tune.
  2. Hi! I have WRXLink (7-9) and it feels like the boost controller doesnt work. do I have the right channel? (aux 6) Also Im having some trouble calibrating the input for wideband lambda. which cal table should I use? And is Lambda 1 correct setup for a wideband lambda?
  3. Im using Cal 10 table for my uego calibration, but Link tells me AFR is 15.3 when meter tells 14.7. I have 11 calibration points in my cal table. Do I need more?
  4. Wow! That worked! Thank you very much! PS offtopic: are there other qualities that are now on other channels? I think my boost control doesn´t work!
  5. Hi! I have a 2001 subaru wrx sti (jdm). When I plugged the Ecu in the first time, the tacho did the blip when power was turned on. At the time I couldn´t connect to the ECU since the pins on the engine management were on wrong position (sti/wrx). After I changed the position I got connection to my pc but since then the tacho hasn´t worked and it doesn´t blip. It says on the manual that tacho should be on aux 4 channel and i have tried to test that channel, but im not sure if i have understood correctly how test pwm or test on works.
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