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  1. Excellent! Ideal for making a patch harness but want direct feeds with no extra spliced cables.
  2. Looking for a base map: G4 Xtreme on NA Toyota 2zz-ge stock spec engine.
  3. Sorted!! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WIRING-HARNESS-REPAIR-KIT-ECU-CONNECTORS-AMP-TYCO-NEW-121-WAY-/172280641130?hash=item281cb9f66a:g:g90AAMXQAx9RNxrx
  4. Hi anyone got a base map to share for this 2zz-ge stock na engine thanks mariah
  5. My bad! The seller now cant find the plugs/tails! I think it would be better to fit new plugs and pins as it is a competition car!!
  6. Which connector plugs di I need to use? Thanks M
  7. Just great LINK support, thank you. I have a Storm on my other rallycar and really want to stick with Link on this build, superb products!
  8. Thank you Simon, it is for a budget build clubman car using a used G4 Xtreme on a standard Toyota 2zz-ge engine with dbw throttle. This used Audi TT G4 is XTREME comes with the 2 AUDI TT loom plugs and tails. A new wire in Link is beyond my budget but I just want to be sure that it will run all the vvt/lift/dbw etc functions. Thanks Mariah
  9. Is it possible to wire a G4 Audi TT Xtreme (red) for a 2zz-ge with vvt-lift and dbw? Thanks mariah
  10. MARIAH

    Lotus toyota 2zz

    So if I go cable throttle which is the most economic to handle 2zz vvt and lift? thanks N
  11. Hi again Great forum! Does anyone sell a patch harness for 2zz DBW to G4+ Extreme Thanks
  12. MARIAH

    Lotus toyota 2zz

    Hi Have been advised that Link ECU have several models that can run the full 2zz VVT + Lift on DBW tb. I am looking for the most economical solution for a naturtrally aspirated engine. Advice and recommendations please Thanks M
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