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link thunder in jag

Davey jag

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I know a lot of peaple only join fourum 's when they need help ( and that's the case for me )

I have a 2003 jaguar XJ350 XJR ( ali body type ) I have had some engine mods done and was decided to fit a stand alone ecu ( Link thunder )

That all being ok ish ( some more adjustments but basically good )

So my problem is cruise controll not working , the garage doing the work say it can't be done with this ECU ? witch i find hard to beleive ?

I would assume that they are not farmilare with LINK ?

I am not techy enough for this work , so would appreciate any guidance that i could give them



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Thanks Simon

I will pass this reply on to the garage next week

So hope this will give them a path forward,or maybe ask them to take over this thread

and give better info ( sorry but a lot of this is over my head )



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