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Gear shift control voltage


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Trying to set up gear shift torque control for an automatic transmission (when manually shifting) using the factory gear position sensor.

Does the voltage need to "increase" for an upshift and "decrease" for a downshift as stated under "Start Shift Validation Time" in the Help menu.

My sensor works the opposite way (lower voltage = higher gear)


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The gear shift control is designed for manual gearboxes, im not sure it will do what you wish with an automatic.  What would you use for the start shift mode and end shift mode?

You will probably be better just to setup a 4D ignition table with a timer so it retards during a gear change.

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If you want to use gear barrel position then the voltage can go either way.  You define the voltages for each gear in the gear detection menu.

The reason I have my doubts that it will work well is with autos the "gear position" doesnt usually change until well after the shift is complete.  Usually the is a seperate torque reduction request signal.

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