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OBD2 and CAN bus questions


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Hi guys, just having a look through the pc link documentation regarding wiring an OBD2 port. 

1. OBD2 pin 4 and 5 are shown to be terminated to ECU signal GND - im not sure what the ECU signal GND is, none of the pins in the storm black diagram are labelled signal GND and cant see anywhere referring to a signal GND. 
2. Can in use the OBD2 port as part of the CAN bus? I am hoping to use the OBD2 port and wideband o2 sensor over CAN, im just not 100% sure if the OBD2 port will nullify the CAN capabilities or if it will just be another link in the bus? 

Any help appreciated!

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1.  The ground for the OBD actually isnt important at all, chassis ground is fine.  Its only purpose is to power up the OBD dongle.

2.  Yes you can use OBD2 and other CAN devices on the same bus - just they all need to be set up to operate at the same speed/bit rate.

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