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Intermittent Throttle Hang

Jo LeForce

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I'm experiencing an occasional rev hang at full throttle, when cyclic idle is enabled along with a throttle kick. The car is an Evo 7 with a stock cable throttle. Re-calibrating TPS seems to ease the problem for some time before it starts occurring again. A rapid/harsh full throttle push is almost guaranteed to get the rev hanged & then I have to turn ignition off. I'm posting a pic of my anti lag/idle setting, can any of my settings cause such issue? Throttle is permanently kicked open via a screw at around 29%, 'idle low' & 'idle high' were set at those numbers to obtain a reasonable, non-rapid cyclic idle sound. The car retains a fully functional stepper motor, could that be causing the issue? should I override it in the settings?



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A screenshot isnt very helpful.  Post a log and the tune.  Isnt it just antilag enabling?  i.e if you go above 40% throttle and 2000RPM anlilag will be active so cyclic idle will be disabled (untill you are below the enable conditions for at least 3seconds).  Start cut and end cut both on 0% isnt a good idea either.  

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