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i need help with base map in g4+ ttlink


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hello everyone.

i  bought link g4+ ttlink 

my car is ibiza fr 2005 built engine 20vt stroker 2.0l id1000 injectors big fuel rail  and  fuel pressure regulator 

i know to tune cars but and the car wont start  i need help from somwone can uplod me base map or mybe help me to start the car

do i need to configure any sensor in the ecu? 

thank you for the help

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1 minute ago, tomer20vt said:

do you  mean to ignition timing map?

No I mean put a timing light on it and check that the timing marks match what the ecu is commanding.  See the help file page:  G4+ ECU Tuning Functions > Triggers >Calibrate

Do you have RPM showing when cranking?  Fuel and spark?

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