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Rolling launch control?


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Hi everyone,

I've just completed a big single conversion on my supra and before tuning, I wanted to know if I was able to set up a rolling launch control using a momentary switch to hold throttle position and build boost?

Ive tried searching posts but cant seem to find anything (or im not searching the right thing) on g4+ 

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Rolling anti lag is called latched launch control in Link.  Go to the launch control settings and set it to latched Launch RPM.

Im not sure what you mean by "hold throttle position" though, you would usually be WOT for rolling launch.  The launch control is just used to maintain the speed/RPM that you were doing when you hit the button.

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Hi Adam,

Im too interested in rolling anti lag. Iv seen it set up in different cars but on other ecus. Basically they are either cruising at let's say 3000rpm and they press a button for rolling anti lag. I'm unsure if they are wot but it helps the turbo spool up. 


Iv seen it on YouTube how it works and was wondering if it's able to be activated? Off my understanding you guys call it latched rpm anti lag or something. 

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Correct, what some other manufacturers call "rolling antilag" is known as latched launch control in the G4+.  It functions as you describe.  When you are driving along and hit the button, the ECU looks at the current RPM and latches this as the launch limiter, you can then open the throttle as much as you like and the ecu will hold the engine/car at the same RPM/speed using a limiter.  As soon as you let go of the button the limiter is removed and the engine is allowed to accelerate.  


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