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Rx7 s6 pnp can expander issue


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This device is a serial to CAN converter, it connects to the ecu master ecu via rs232.   It is used for the ECU master ecus that don’t have a built in CAN port.  You don’t need it as the Link ecu has a built in CAN port.  What are you trying to achieve?

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1 hour ago, [email protected] said:

Would it just be a case of re pinning the can wires into the rs pins ?

No, its not going to work at all.  It will only communicate to an ECU Master ECU in their own proprietary protocol.


1 hour ago, [email protected] said:

I’m trying to gain analong inputs for egt sensors.

EGT's only output a millivolt signal so you would be better to use a CAN bus EGT amp.  The ECU master one works well and is relatively cheap.  If you already have an analog EGT amp and just want to input analog 0-5V via CAN bus then this would be the suggestion:  https://www.autosportlabs.com/product/analogx-4-channel-analog-to-can-interface/

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