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R53 mini how to disable engine warning light output


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pretty much as per title running a g4+ on a customers R53 mini. every once in a while his external lambda controller doesn't boot up correctly and throws an error code. This in turn makes the oem dashboard check engine warning light come on. Which in turn stays on until a laptop is connected and the warning reset. looked everywhere but can't find any obvious way of turning of the output within the g4+ that triggers the warning light assuming it is within the canbus protocol. Does anyone know the settings that need changing to switch of the check engine light output?

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If you are using an An Volt input for the Lambda, change the error low and high to 0 and 5 Volts.  This will disable error checking on the input.

Also, from the help file :-

"On ECUs running firmware version 5.6.0 or newer, Fault Codes can be cleared by holding throttle position above 80% for ten seconds at key on with the engine stalled.  Ie hold throttle open when turning on the key but dont start the engine, do not release the throttle until fault codes are cleared (at ten seconds after key on).  Starting the engine or closing the throttle during the first ten seconds after key on will cancel clearing of fault codes."





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