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Trigger error count appear when at 7200RPM on RB26 with AEM trigger disc

Edmand Hon

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Start with a trigger scope capture at moderate RPM, it may give some clues.  A common theme I see on RB's is ground problems creating noise on the trigger inputs.  Here is a related article:  https://www.hpacademy.com/technical-articles/staying-grounded/

An economical fix for the RB trigger is often the NZ Wiring kit:  https://www.nzwiring.com/index.php/product/trigger-kit/  Many tuners over here if they have a RB that is giving trigger issues they just fit one of these kits as it usually works out cheaper than spending a couple of days trying to diagnose the factory system.  Even though it is still a cam mounted trigger it eliminates a most of the fundamental issues with the stock CAS:

  1. It is brand new so eliminates the 30 year old optical sensor. 
  2. It is reluctor so its voltage output increases with RPM, this means the signal to noise ratio is much better than the optical and arming threshold will take care of most electrical noise.
  3. It bolts directly to the cam sprocket eliminating the back lash that the factory spline drive system has.
  4. It does not connect the sensor ground to the body/engine ground like the stock sensor does which often gets around the GTR ground problems.
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