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Recommended settings for closed loop


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Hi all,

Just wondering what the best settings would be on the closed loop lambda setup would be, I have an MOT on the car on Monday, have set the AFR table to be at 14.7:1, timing set to I think 12 degrees, using the auto fuel (wideband) option eg it looks at the AFR table and adjusts the fueling. I did try the Stoich (wideband) option for closed loop but didn't find that to really work that well, I guess its probably mainly used on cruise, I have done my best to adjust the fuel table to be as close to 14.7 as I can with the closed loop lambda tweaking the last bit - think I saw the fuel trim to be at around 3%.

My main question is what frequency I should set the adjustments to, I believe as stock its set to adjust 4 times a second, would it work better if I increased this - eg it would adjust fueling quicker or would it just make it too jumpy?

My main concern with the MOT is the Lambda needing to be at 1 (plus or minus 3%), the cat itself is fine and I think I should be ok with the timing set to 12 degrees (service manual for the engine states idle to be between 10 and 14 I believe) - just want to make sure that the wideband adjusts to stoich as quickly as possible.

Also, is it best to have a more advanced timing or retarded timing for ignition with regards to emissions?

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2 minutes ago, dobsondynotune said:

i would speed up the rate of change to help keep it stable 

this adjustment is found in the closed loop lambda rate table 


Thanks for that, I think I bumped it up to 8 in the lambda rate table, not sure how far its worth worth going to.

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