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Toyota 2GR-FE Fury not starting


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We are attempting to startup a Toyota 3.5 2GR v6. We attached our config/setup settings as well as log data during crank. Some of the table values are random, but we are not sure if its the fuel/ignition tuning or a different issue such as sensor/trigger setup or similar. 


We started with a few different base maps config/tunings, but each either had errors in the setup or "tuned" for much larger 1000cc injectors. We are all stock (380cc injectors?) 

Any input would be appreciated!

Thank you guys!


Log 2019-07-7 logtest2.llg setup1.pclr

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From a Trigger side the ECU is seeing a sensible RPM and no trigger errors during crank. There are no ignition or fuel cuts active so from the ECU I would say it is trying to fire the engine up.

Can you confirm if you have spark at the plugs, And there is fuel at the injectors / getting into the engine.  

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Once you've done the tests Simon suggested, your fuelling pulse widths look really low for 380cc injectors and probably arent helping. I can see at least 3x reasons for this:

1) you fuel table looks like it was originally a traditional map but you are running modelled mode. Try copying the entire fuel table out of the monsoon base map as a much better starting point. You can copy paste the whole thing in 1 go.

2) you have crank enrichment disabled because your enrichment table is all zero's. Again, copy the one from the monsoon base map

3) your coolant temp sensor calibration is probably wrong - IAT is showing 14* but ECT is 56*. on a cold engine these 2 should be nearly the same. Factory toyota coolant temp sensors are usually on the bosch std NTC calibration so i'd suggest changing it to this instead of your current custom calibration. Until you fix this, #2 above will not work correctly as the engine will be using "warm start" values.


you have the same problem with zero's everywhere your post start & warmup enrichment table so i'd also suggest copying those from another base map - one taken from any stock 4-6 cyl engine will get you in the ballpark. Until you fix these, you'll find that it starts ok, then dies after 3 or 4 seconds. There is a really good graph in the help files around how the different cold start fuelling values take over from one another in the 30 seconds or so after startup. 


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Sorry for the late reply, this was our first time using Link and we had an untested base tune we couldn't verify. I also appreciate all the help and the willingness to dive in. 

Turns out it was a simple trigger timing error. We foolishly didn't realize we could have a negative trigger offset and couldn't set the trigger greater than +360. After we had the mechanical timing reference sorted, it fired right up and we were able to go from there. 

Thanks for the spark diagnostic suggestion and the calibration correction on the coolant temp we made those changes and some others as well.

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