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Ground out green wire B loom


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No, the green Ground out/sensor ground wires on both looms are only to be connected to sensors etc. They are designed to be a "clean" ground, so that your sensor does not receive noise via its ground wiring. Do not ground these directly, or wire them as a additional grounds to anything that has a direct engine/battery grounding.

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You should be following the power supply wiring information in the help file.

There are a few variations depending on if you want to use ECU hold power or not.

Head to the PC link help file then 

Wiring Information > Power and Ground Wiring > Power supplies 


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Thanks Simon, Have found an Installation and wiring manual .

Sorry for the newby questions but have had 3 people have a go at wiring this thing up 3rd guy got it going and tuned . Have now stripped all the wiring out and starting again mit was a mess and only to a problem in the future , getting there.

The 1-2uF suppressors have not been installed and I do remember during the tune up in the rev range there was a miss. Have been to Jaycar and supercheap auto shop unfortunately they did not have them and unsure where to get them, will try an auto sparky tomorrow.

Unless you guys may know where to get them . Also oil pressure sensor wiring has been spliced into the injector wires, it was working will this be okay .


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Most factory applications will have a suppressor on the power feed to the coils any factory one would be fine. (Its not really that critical)

Oil pressure sensor should be fine assuming it is happy with a 12V feed.





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