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Traction Control Disable Switch issues


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I am having issues with the traction control disable switch (Link Thunder ECU, 350z Chassis, LS Engine). I setup a DI 16 input looped from a AUX 19 output. DI 16 is setup with pullup resistor. 

On my parameter output list I can see the DI switch 16 as active. But the variable for Traction Disable Switch is OFF. Also, the Traction Status is "Ready". 

Does the car have to be moving for the TC disable switch to become active? Or am I missing something simple here? Attached is my pclr and a screencap of my issue.



Thanks for your help!



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It looks like you have found a bug, I just tested on a ecu here and I get a similar problem -  traction disable switch on DI16 doesnot work correctly or at all?  I tested all other DI's seem to work, just not DI16.  Can you move the pin to one of the others?

I will report it to Link.

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