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Newbie member needs help on pclr file.

noraa tan

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i have no tuning knowledge so i'm attaching the tune file the shop has on my car , hoping any expert here can check if they have the parameters correct.  I'm using a monsoon ecu. 

1jz vvti / gt35 single on 12 psi. / 760cc injectors / Tial wastegate set 1 bar / headers / 3 inch straight pipe / stock ignition coils on bkre7 ..producing 350whp. 

the car idles / runs smoothly , as it has been dyno-tuned ( i wasnt present but i have the runfile pics. ).

my concern is that the wideband AFR attached now to my car is reading 12.5 idle / cruising ...10.9 WOT ...but shop told me it really is 14.7 with the dyno egt sniffer and my wideband is not reading right. 

is there a way to check if everything is ok with the attached tune file ? ..thank you so much. 


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3 hours ago, Adamw said:

No one will be able to tell you much from a map alone.  You will need to get another wideband on there that you trust.

Hi adam. 

thanks for the quick reply. will heed your advice and look for another wideband. 

quick question though , this wideband / narrowband thing , can the car run safe withouth it ? ..i mean granted the shop really tuned this since they have target lambda table...i mean how does the ecu calculate fuel ...are there other sensors it will base it from ?  sorry noob question since all my cars have lambda readings. 


thanks. again 

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