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Missing inputs / outputs on V44 PnP Evo 4-8


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Hi folks,

I'm working with a ViPEC V44 PnP board for an Evo 4-8, the bottom board is a v1.0 rev (I think from memory, it's not nearby at the moment) and has this expansion connector;


image.png.0788f99f74eaecf1b6d4fa1513768280.png (Grabbed offline from a saved VTS file)

The problem is however, I cannot find DI 7 / DI 8 / Volt 7 / Temp 4 in the VTS software.

I have tried loading a base map for the Evo 4-8 board included with the latest VTS software (V5.6.7.3632) and confirmed the V44 is running at the latest firmware rev offered by this version of VTS.

Please can someone advise how I can make use of these pins?

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In the Vipec days you could buy either a V88 or V44 version of the Evo plug-in, the V88 had more IO but was more expensive.  They both used the same adapter board.  A V44 plug-in doesnt have those inputs as you have found.  What you see in the software is what you have, only AN Volt 6 will be available on the expansion port.

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