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S15 link knock sensor and boost controller question


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More noob questions sorry, just don't want to do something wrong and destroy something

I have an s15, the knock sensor loom from the ecu finishes next to the intake manifold, from that point its a sub harness to the sensor about 10 inches long, a 2 pin connector from the main harness with about 10 inches of wire on it. One signal wire and one sheild wire that sort of wraps around the signal wire (isn't terminated to the sensor, but is terminated into the connector at the main harness) 

The standard knock sensor is a single wire with a sheild wire, I understand the link one is a 2 wire with a sheild wire? 

Do I just make a new 2 core unshielded subharness from the main harness to the sensor (10 inches) or do I have to incorporate a sheild wire into the new subharness too? Or am I on totally the wrong track? 

Also, do I just use the factory wires for the boost control solenoid? 

Much appreciated. 



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You don’t need to change anything, the factory sensor works fine.  If you do want to change to a sensor with isolated ground (2 wire) then the easiest option is to connect the 2nd pin to the shield and use that as it’s ground.

For the boost solenoid, connect to factory wires.

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