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Pulling power with a shift - automatic tran


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I know the ecu wasn't intended to do this but I am trying to make my Link Extreme control my Overdrive and TCC lockup. 

I think I have found a way but I am not 100% sure if I am understanding it correctly. My auto trans has a full manual valve body and a ground triggered overdrive and lockup. OD is only possible when the trans is in 3rd gear (od is 4th) and the torque converter can be locked at any time but i only wish to lock it in 3rd and 4th. This question is really just about activating overdrive based on a few conditions AND most importantly pulling power upon the shift. The overdrive band and solenoid can only handle about a 500hp shift and my setup makes closer to 1100 at full power. I need to reduce the hp/tq by about 60% for 300-500ms and them ramp it back in smoothly. Can I do this using the gearshift control feature? I have no way of inputting what gear I am in however I can set some conditions based on speed and tps that will only be possible when I am in 3rd gear anyway. I have attached a tune and if you open gear shift control, Aux 1, virtual Aux 1, and DI1 I think you will see what I am trying to accomplish. 

I want the ecu to OD shift the trans as I pass 55 mph with a tps of less than 39%. This shift does not need torque management so I locked out gear shift control below 40%.

AT over 85%tps - full power- I do need torque management so I will tie the shift signal from Aux 1 into DI1 and the transmission to signal gear shift control to cut power for the 85% - WOT shift at 140 mph. 

Does this tune care for what I am trying to do? Am I understanding the gear shift control correctly?

Is there a better way to accomplish this?





https://www.dropbox.com/s/t4na4crzf0amq76/Ford 363 turbo overdrive.pclr?dl=0



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It sounds like you are on the right track, gear shift control is probably the best way to handle this.  Although gear shift control will always give a fixed amount of torque reduction.  A possible improvement may be to add a 4D ign table also to add some variable retard based on TP or boost or similar.  

We need a little more detail to help though.  You mention no torque reduction is needed below 40%TP, and you need torque reduction above 85%TP, but what do you want to happen between 40& 85%?

Also, you you update to the latest firmware, there have been a number of significant improvements since 5.6.4 that you are running.  Knock control processing speed was improved significantly, CLL now has 3D tables for the trims, more virtual auxes etc.


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Thanks Adam, I will certainly install the update. 

You mentioned using a 4d ignition table for variable torque reduction, would that be in conjunction with the gear shift control or something by itself? How would it be tied to the od shift output? 

As far as the between 40% tp and 85%, no reduction is required and I would just want it to not shift at all. The logic behind this is if I am cruising on the hwy, the tps will be low, definitely below 40%. If I am racing, TPS will be high, above 85%. If I am simply playing around on the highway and doing a fast accel, likely I am not wanting to push past 120 mph anyway so I would want to stay out of overdrive. 3rd gear will do 150 mph and od is capable of over 200. 

Downshifting from od is also where that window comes into play. If I wish to accellerate past slower traffic and push the tps past 40% I want it to kick out of od and once throttle is pulled back, shift into OD again. 

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Ok, sorry for the delay, I just had time to look at your file closer and give it some thought.

Basically I think you have it set up pretty right as is.  It should do what you have described above.   

I dont think you will need the 4D ignition that I mentioned as I was mistakenly thinking you also wanted a variable amount to torque reduction between 40 & 85%TP.

I suspect the 90% cut you have set in the driven upshift cut will be way too much and will feel like you have hit a wall.  Start at about 40% and see how it feels.  You will also need to experiment with the torque reduction time and introduction time - my feeling is it will probably want a shorter reduction time and longer introduction.

Also, if you update to the latest firmware you wont have to use DI1, you can trigger the gear shift event directly from Aux 1 or a virtual aux.

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