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Rb26 Ross trigger setup (2019 new version)


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Hey guys


so I'm currently running an early Ross trigger kit on my rb26 and have one of their new kits coming which is a better design as per the pic. 


The early kit has 12 pointed teeth on the crank, the new one has square edged teeth, and the old cam trigger had an indent, where as the new one has a tooth. Using gt101 sensors. 

Just looking for for what settings I should use on this, ie rising edge or falling edge on crank/cam? 

Cheers dan



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The fall time is about 5x faster than the rise time.  This means the falling edge is the most accurate.  Still spliting hairs tho, even 5uS is 5/8ths of F all.

Having said that, the GT101 has been obsolete for several years now so I would be surprised if that is what they are supplying.  More likely one of the Littlefuse or ZF replacements.


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Rather than start another topic I thought I’d just continue on here. 

I decided to upgrade the gt101 sensors to the more popular cherry hall sensors now. Just wondering whether these will be happy off the 5v supply that I was running to the gt101’s or if they need a 12v supply? And if so where would be best to get that from? 


(It’s an v88 plug-in r32 gtr) 


cheers dan 

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