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Storm vs Fury for 1JZ


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I'm interested in buying a link ecu for my 1jz drift car. So far it look like the Storm will get the job done for me. I don't plan to run more than 450bhp with this engine. The motorsport feautures don't interest me one bit, it's the engine protection I am after. At the moment I can only afford the Storm, but I'm not sure if I'll need the onboard lambda to make sure the car is always 100%.

My main question is how important is the onboard lambda on the Fury in regards to engine protection. Is it important in terms of saving the engine, or is it more a nice to have? Secondly, do I need to buy an external MAP sensor (4 bar MAP) or can I just get an ECU + wiring and call it a day

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You will need a MAP sensor for either ECU.  I dont generally bother with Lambda as a protection strategy, I have never found it to be fool proof enough even with ECU's that have much more complete lambda based protection strategies built-in.  My preference is usually to monitor differential fuel pressure as the main fuel related engine protection - this wont catch things like a bad connection on an injector wire however.  It is still really nice to have Lambda for logging and tweaking the tune however and if you plan to do any tuning yourself you will of course need Lambda. 

If budget is the priority another option is to go for the Storm and later when you can afford it get a CAN bus wideband, either the Link one or there are some decent lowcost options such as Ecotrons ALM or 14point7 Spartan 3.

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