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v44 logging issue


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Hi guys i have a strange problem

v44 doesent log as it suppose to, it logs how it wants :)


i will try to explain

i set logging over virtual aux to condition is RPM > 4800rpm

aond only 1 condition


LC is on 6400rpm

and it is suppose to log during LC, but no it starts to log randomly, sometimes in 1st gear, sometimes in 2nd sometimes in 3rd sometimes dont log at all :(

here is attached how log looks, and how looks from different ecu same conditions


can you help?






virtual aux 1 cond.JPG

how log should look.JPG

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I'm assuming you are looking for the ECU logging to activate of the conditions. 

Can you attach a copy of the MAP from the ECU and if possible capture a PC log during a time where the ECU logging didn't activate as expected.

also be aware that the ECU logging on the V series will only take 10 logs and no more even if memory is not 100% full.

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yes, im talking about ECU logging which is activated on some conditions, and i use only one condition RPM > 4800

yes i know that ECU loger can log only 10 logs, im talking about empty loger, 0 logs inside, it logs randomly.

ok i will pc log, and i will ecu log, and attach both log files.




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ok set pc logging to activate when prm higher than 4000epm, nothing happens.

manual logging start works.

so last thing i tried, l lowered ecu logging activation from 4800 to 4000 to 3500 to 3200 and on 3200 everything works perfectly.

i dnont know why but on 4800 dont want to log but on 3200 logs. on every other v44/v88 v44i/v88i i worked, it works as you set it.

dont know what is the catch, but, if someone have a same problem this is solution... thnx guys





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