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AltezzaLink Start Up Problem


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I very recently became the proud owner of an AltezzaLink earlier this week, and last night I thought I'd have a a go at installing it and getting it running!
I'm not a tuner even in the slightest but I followed the instructions of updating firmware, calibrating the internal MAP and the TPS (took me a few goes ;)) and I couldn't get the car to kick over! I just want to get it running to take to the tuner.
I have a 1st gen Altezza with a completely 99% engine (it has the Nology Hotwire kit), and all the fuel gauge, ambient temp sensor and everything worked fine.
Corresponding with my good friend MGTezza, I tried his old map with no luck, and the map supplied with the software with no luck again, calibrating the MAP, TPS and changing the fuel equation to traditional mode.
Swapping back to the original ECU and the car started immediately.

I've had a look at the base map this morning (I'm not with the car unfortunately) and have adjusted the Fuel equation to traditional (base MAP comes with modelled fuel mode with "1000cc" injectors) and I'm just wondering if anyone can have a comb over and see if maybe I'm missing something? I have attached it to this post.
I'll be having another go either this afternoon or this weekend.



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Put it back to modeled mode and just change the injector size to match whatever you have.  Altezza's need to be tuned in modeled mode for the dash to work properly.

Was that map actually loaded into your ECU?  All the analog inputs are in error condition.  Please do as CJ says and give us a log of it cranking.  How to Log: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P1LRANeO4A


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Did you not notice this warning that pops up in the middle of the screen every time you connect the ECU?


Your ECU is locked.  You need to get the unlock code off the dealer you purchased it off before it will run an engine.


11 minutes ago, SpoonzAU said:

Is the built in MAP sensor enough, or should I be hooking up the tubes?

Of course the MAP sensor does need to be connected to the manifold.

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Ahhhh damn, I thought he said it was good to run, but I'll need a tune, this is embarrassing :mellow: 
I shall call him on Monday, and visit the autoparts store when they're open, might pay to try doing this during retail hours lol.

Thanks for the help, I shall report back.


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