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WRX99R 775 Possumlink G1 probelms


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Hi all,

I have an 99 WRX with a Possumlink WRX99R 775 PnP ECU in it. It was installed years ago in another state by a company that is no longer in business. I have had very few troubles with it up until recently. I now have 2 problems that are probably not due to the ecu but the ecu being installed is making it hard to fix them.

1. Intermittent failure to start - the car will crank but not fire and start. I have seen that there is no spark/power reaching the coilpack on the top of the engine when this is happening. People who are more mechanically gifted than myself have suggested this may be a faulty sensor (cam shaft or crank angle). This is bad as it has the potential to leave me completely stranded if it fully fails. It also seem to happen more often on cold mornings and once the car has warmed up for the day it never does it again.

2. ABS light always on and ABS not working. I had a mechanic visually check all the wheel sensors and the fuses - still not fixed.

This brings me to the issue that my mechanic says that he can't plug in his diagnostic tool due to me not having a standard ECU so he can't find the sources of these faults that way.

Can someone point me to a way of finding what parts are faulty through the Link if there is one? Otherwise I'm looking at putting the standard ECU in and trying that way but the car has quite a few modifications so it may not run like this.

I have been able to get the connection cables and the software for my ecu and have connected it and saved all the setting and map so I happy to start playing around though I am quite a novice.

Short of this can someone recommend a workshop in Melbourne, Australia that has experience with Links and Subarus?


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For 1. If you have the ability to get the PC connected when its a no start that will give some clues. If there is no RPM signal at crank then that adds to the likeliness it could be a crank or cam.

2. Fitting the stock ECU might help but not sure on how much the ABS shared info with the stock ECU. 



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