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software related questions

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couple of SW related questions:

1)I couldn't get the vlogger to work with the current version of VTS. could not figure out how to save log files as files that the vlogger would accept. any help?

2) Vipec help freezes if no network avaialbe. on my laptop the help freezes bit too often when searching for stuff with no network connection. it seems to try

to contact the online manual and frozes when there is no response.

3) access violation in vts.exe. it seems that when the auto connect is on and there is no vipec connected sometimes the vts gives out access violation error that just

doesn't go away and you have to restart the sw.

I could do better error reports if there is an actual error tool available somewhere, or should i just mail this stuff to the info address ?

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Ray will be able to help on the Vlogger as it is a program he made. I can pass this on to him if you don't have his email.

The help file does not use or need a network so if one is there or missing should have no effect on the operation of the help file.

If you can grab a screen shot of the access violation. email this to [email protected]

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