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Low range transfer case switch incorporated into gear detection


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It would be great to see low range transfer case switch recognition and 2 separate sets of RPM/Speed gear detection gears. Without the gear detection knowing transfer case status, it could never be able to tell the difference between L3's 4.078:1 ratio compared to H1's 4.084:1 for example. I think a good way would be a new input/runtime for transfer case status as "low range" and "high range" that can be used anywhere on the ECU as needed plus the ability to have two sets of stored RPM/Speed gear detection ratios that are switched by the transfer case status switch.

An easy way to start with might be to simply allow the addition of a Y axis on the gear ratio table so someone can add a switch status as a Y axis and set up the ratios for each.

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9 hours ago, Adamw said:

Yeah I think this is a decent idea, it could potentially also cover the drift guys that swap diff ratios regularly.

That'd be great. Even just allowing a Y axis config so we can assign a switch status to it would be great.

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