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r34 skyline gtt closed loop

chris mac37

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hello.im trying to understand the closed loop in my map and how to set it up. i have my target air fuel table setup as boost reference as the car pretty much runs at high boost (25 psi) most of the time

.  i have my map almost complete. i still have the oem o2 sensor running and also have my wideband connected to the ecu as well. if someone could have a look at my map i would very grateful

current 2020 july 4.pclr

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I would turn the Ftrim tables off to start with to keep it simple.  Set your TP, TP delta, MAP and MAP delta lockouts to something suitable. You can look at logs to see what deltas you exceed during transients.   From memory it will work with the deltas set to zero but the MAP and TP lockouts will need a proper value entered.  

I would also suggest you want to set up the error high/low on your lambda analog input so that it fails safe (with ANV6 error value = 0.000) if the sensor fails or a wire falls off etc.

Rate and gain something like below will usually not be far off:



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