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SR20 V44 Firmware update issue

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We have installed a few SR20 PNP Vipec with great success and very very good end results (among many other PNP V44/V88s). We ran this last V44 powered SR (short connector, 91-93 pinout) on the dyno for engine break in last week. The firmware was a bit outdated so we went to update and in the middle of the update, the black DOS screen disappeared. We now have no connection and the car won't run. The power/grounds have all been checked and we have a 12/8/5v power unit for bench testing and it wont connect on that either. When you go to connect, it searches, connects for a split second and disconnects. When you try to update the firmware now, the ECU is not detected at all. We've tried a few different Laptops and the same symptoms occur. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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One thing to check when doing the firmware upgrade is that the VTS software is not set to auto connect. This can some times upset the firmware update.

Also if running a display on the can/serial port make sure the cable is unpluged at the ECU, when doing the up grade.

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There is some chance the ECU has been upset with the uncompleted firmware upgrade.

I would try powering the ECU on the bench and running the up date again.

If this fails we will likely have get the unit back.

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