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Link g4+ to Ecumaster Adu 7 stream


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Hi. I'm working on my car with link storm g4+ and ecumaster Adu 7,  unfortunately I have no luck with the link streams

Adu software comes already with pre-defined streams so I selected the GenericDash.

There is a photo of the message object that it shows Base ID 0x03E8.

Going into pclink software/can setup, I did my configuration as the photo, the only thing I think is not right is the Can ID, I put the value 3 because on Adu software shows 0x03E8 but Adu does not received any message. 

I hope that someone have done it before and can help me with it. 





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The "0x" in front of the 3E8 means that value is in Hexidecimal notation.  The Link software uses decimal.  You can use windows calculator or there are many online tools for converting Hexidecimal to decimal. 

But to save you the effort - 0x3E8 is 1000 in decimal.  So put 1000 as your ID in the link software. 

You should also change transmit rate to 20Hz.  And check the bit rate is set the same at both ends.

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